Intelligent technology makes a building easier to manage, means your lighting and other sub-systems operate more efficiently and creates a more enjoyable environment to spend time in.

CEDIA member Butler Harwell is a partnership of experienced professional installers with considerable expertise with integrating smart technological systems into properties.


Our services



Video and audio are the cornerstones of home entertainment. We select the best possible equipment to deliver perfect sound and vision across every room, meaning relaxation is never more than a button press away.

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Advanced lighting systems make the most of natural sunlight during the daytime and make it easy to manage your lights, shades and other systems in tandem.



In isolation, smart technology can be little more than a useful gadget. We specialise in creating unified control interfaces for real properties – systems that are incredibly simple to use and put everything you need at your fingertips, from your heating and entry systems to your record player – or even your outdoor lighting. 

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Home cinema design

Our team has spent decades designing, specifying and installing incredible unique home cinema rooms, featuring the same technological innovations as the most luxurious multiplexes around the world – including 4K projection, custom acoustic panelling and 3D audio surround-sound.


Outdoor speaker systems

We are specialists in premium quality, weather-resistant outdoor music systems that can turn outdoor areas into the ideal entertaining space. With systems that are scalable in nature, a Garden Tunes system is perfect for anything from a patch of lawn to a sizeable outdoor venue.